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Have you been involved in an accident that has damaged your hood, bumper, or fender? A minor accident may seem insignificant, but it is determined by a repairing cost of up to $5,000. These repairs generally involve work to the fenders, bumpers, doors, and hood of the vehicle, and sometimes involve a complete replacement and generally always need paint work. At times a minor accident will include some mechanical repair as well.

The goal of a minor collision repair is to complete a high quality repair in a short period of time (commonly within a week), to have your vehicle safely back on the road looking like new.

Two of the most essential parts of collision repair are the materials and parts used. Our experienced professionals only use high quality replacements parts, supplies, and paints. The importance of using high-grade parts in the repair is for durability and for the best fitment as possible to restore your vehicle to its factory look.

Color matching is another significant component to a greater repair. Correctly color matching a vehicle is the final step to making it look as if it was never damaged. Our experts here at Halls Auto Body understand all of the significant details when repairing a minor collision, and blend the paint into adjacent areas needed to mask the damage.

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Major Accident Repair

Being involved in a major accident can be devastating, leaving you and your family stranded and your vehicle immobile. A major collision is an auto repair typically starting at $5,000 and can even exceed up to $20,000 depending on the value of the vehicle.

When a vehicle is brought into our shop, the first thing we assess, is if your vehicle is reparable or a total loss (also referred to as "totaled"). It is our responsibility to you, to work carefully with the insurance company in providing an accurate estimate, and the best way to do that is blueprinting the repair.

Major collisions can cause a lot more damage than just what can be easily visible, and understanding collision theory is a serious importance when assessing the damage of your vehicle. Repairing a car from a serious collision is more than just fixing the dents and hiding flaws. Most of the time, the frame is affected from a major wreck which can completely offset the way the rest of the vehicle looks and drives, and it takes experience professionals to really understand and know how to properly returning a vehicle to its original condition. We are here to help, and capable of restoring your vehicle to its original factory look and performance by blueprinting your repair.

Blueprinting each and every repair job that comes into our body shop allows us to carefully disassemble the vehicle, exposing any structural damage that may have been obtained upon impact otherwise going overlooked, revealing any safety concern allowing and us to prepare the repair process unique to your case which is important for both an estimate and the safety and finished look of your vehicle. Blueprinting provides tremendous value when repairing your vehicle from a major collision, because it allows us to restore your vehicle to its manufacturer's specifications by carefully measuring its dimensions, making sure there are no unsightly door gaps, bad alignments, frame damage, and other imperfections that can be left when overlooking the blueprint process. We don't cut corners and we do things the right way. We repair everything from the frame, to replacing entire sections, and structural replacements per industry standard.

After a major collision, all suspension and mechanical components are inspected and repaired or replaced as needed to ensure your vehicle's safety and performance. It is our goal to make your car look and drive like new.


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After the stress off experiencing a car accident, having to choose a shop should not be complicated. Look to Hall's Auto Body Shop for your collision repair. We are the most trusted body shop for auto body repair in Charlottesville, VA and have been for over 35 years. We will take the best care of both you and your vehicle, and pride ourselves in superior customer service as well as pristine auto body repair.