Auto Detailing

Auto Detailing at Hall's Auto BodyWe offer full auto detailing services, including interior, exterior, and faded headlight repair.  Whether you want a wash and wax or an extensive detail job with paint buffing we have a plan for you.  Pick and choose which car detailing services you want and which you don't.  Our detailing quality is second to none.  Hall's Auto Body detailers use the finest high quality buffers and polishers with the best pads, compounds, and polishes. Using the latest chemical compounds allows us to remove scratches, moderate acid rain, and dull or faded paint.

Because we're a full service auto body shop who offers auto detailing we're able to do things detailing shops cannot.  We can provide touch up paint, perform small or spot repairs, repair interior damage or stains, and remove dents with paintless dent repair.  The breadth of our services in addition to auto detailing provides a level of detailing you cannot get a specialty or small shops.

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Faded Headlight Repair - $75

We are able to repair faded headlights and often get them looking like new.  Depending on the type and condition of the headlights we use special processes including sanding, buffing, and polishing to make your headlights look and perform better.  While not all headlights are the same, the typical price is $75 for both headlights.  Call or email us for information on getting your faded headlights repaired.

Faded Headlight Repair

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