Express Repairs

Quicker, Less Expensive Repairs

Are you interested in a more cost-effective type of repair for your car or truck?   Now there's an alternative if you want your car looking better and driving safely without the full expensive of traditional auto body repair.  For significantly less money than full traditional auto body repair we cand get your car looking significantly better and verify the repairs are safe.

Express repairs are often one-third to half the price of traditional auto body repair.  The repairs can usually be done in one day, often in 2-4 hours while you relax in our waiting area and use our free WiFi.

Is Express Repair For Me?

  • Are you looking for a cheaper alternative to traditional body repair?
  • Do you want your vehicle driveable, but not necessarily looking like now?
  • Are you ok if your car doesn't look 100% perfect, as long as it costs less and looks a lot better?
  • Do you not want to pay to repaint your entire bumber, hood, door, fender, etc.?
  • Do you just want a small spot repaired?

How Does It Work?

Because express repairs cost significantly less than full auto body repair there are differences.  In traditional auto body repair a panel may be removed from the vehicle, completely prepped and the whole panel would be painted and blended into surrounding panels.  With express repairs we repair the damage on the vehicle and paint a smaller area close to the damage.  This allows using less labor time and materials, decreasing the expense of the auto repair.  

The result is a car that looks far better than it did with the damage, but may not look perfect like using traditional and complete auto body repair.  With the economy over the last several years we feel people shouldn't have to choose between a full and expensive repair and driving around with a damaged car.  We feel our express repair option is a great fit for people with time or monetary concerns.

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