Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Paintless Dent RepairFor small dents and dings we offer paintless dent repair, which is commonly called PDR.  If you have a few small dents without paint damage or creases then we could likely use PDR to repair your vehicle.  Paintless dent repair is great because it is quick, less expensive than tradtional auto body repair, and doesn't require materials.  We can often perform paintless dent repair while you wait.

Paintless dent repair uses special tools and extensive training to slowly return the car's panel to it's original shape.  PDR can be likened to massaging the metal back into its original form.  About 90% of small to medium dents can be repaired and those that cannot be repaired fully can often be made to look significantly better with PDR. 

There are some dents that cannot be fully repair with paintless dent repair:

  • Deep dents over half an inch deep
  • Dents in creases or with creases
  • Dents on or near panel edges

PDR Cost and Timing

Paintless dent repair is typically significantly more effective than traditional body repair.  While every repair is unique and prices depend on size, location, and severity, typical PDR prices rang from $75 to $125 per dent.  Most paintless dent repairs can be completed in the same day, often while you wait.  Call or email us today for more information about Charlottesville's choice for paintless dent repair.

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